Father’s Day Next Level DTF Transfer

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Father's Day Designs- 22 options to choose from


Next Level DTF Transfers by SBL Designs- Application Instructions

* Heat your press to 320 F
* Before applying your DTF transfer, press your item
for 7 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.
* Place the transfer on your garment.
* Cover with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet.
* Using heavy pressure (60 psi / 8-9), press the transfer
for 15 seconds.
* After pressing for 15 seconds, open the heat press
and remove the shirt from the heat press platen.
* Allow the transfer to cool completely.
* Gently remove the film from the shirt.
Grab at one corner and slowly pull the film from
the design.
Note: If you notice the image is still attached to the film,
stop and return the shirt to the heat press. Repeat the process.
* Use a cover sheet and repress for 15 seconds to
properly adhere image and give it a softer feel.